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Latest News:

April 20th 2004 - Quick Update

I've made a quick update to VSEDebug following a bug report from a friendly user.  Apparently I overlooked the fact that watches were impossible to delete.  Anyways, that is fixed now.  Keep the suggestions coming now that I have more time.

April 16th 2004 - Woah

It has been a LONG time since I have updated this.  A lot has happened.  I got an internship with Microsoft for summer 2004 which I start in less than a month now.  I'll be working on the Visual C++ compiler frontend.  Should be exciting.  I finally got around to attending to a few people's requests for added features.  Most importantly, I added a font selection tool so you don't have to deal with the default font that I had in there.  Should be much better.  Anyways, so head over to the download page and grab the new release.

July 18th 2003 - VACATION!

It's vacation time here in sunny South Florida, and I'm heading north to Virginia for some family visiting and then some good old white water rafting.  But, if any brave soul has comments to make, don't hesitate, I'll be checking the site when I can.  Until the 28th, Goodbye and good luck.

July 17th 2003 - First Release of VSEDebug! Beta 1

Well, it's finally here.  Beta 1.  I know how excited everyone is, because I know you've been watching my product since before you were born.   Well, your days of waiting in pain are over!  Head on over to the sourceforge page or the download page to pick it up.  Here are the release notes.  Be sure to give me your feedback.

VSEDebug Release Version 1 Beta - Release Notes

This was originally intended to be a full, non-beta release, but the proliferation of 1 particular error has kept me from doing so. Although I'm not sure whether it's my fault or not, the addin can sometimes hang for short periods of time (10 seconds to a minute or two), during an update. Why it does this is a mystery to me right now, as it seems rather random. It may simply be a factor of the IDE and my debugger calls. Thus, the manual updates are left as the default update mode in this release. Even so, you may experience some difficulty. Please provide me with some feedback on if and when this happens.

Some of you may have noticed the rather odd release events from last time. The release contained a major bug, now fixed (though I really don't know how), which was not reproducible on my machine. After testing it on two other machines which were previously experiencing this bug, I think it's gone. Again, let me know if you see it: a random mscordump crash of the IDE. Yes, a bit nasty, but I think it's gone.

Other than that I don't seem to have noticed any other major bugs recently. It behaves as expected.

In this release, the following types are supported:

  • C++ array (although other languages may work, I haven't tried)
  • std::vector
  • std::list
  • std::deque
  • std::queue
  • std::stack
  • std::map
  • std::multimap
  • std::hash_map
  • std::hash_multimap
  • std::set std::multiset
  • std::hash_set
  • std::hash_multiset

Also has support for Visual Basic debugging and C# debugging (delimiters and keyword support in those languages). You can add more if you need by editing the LanguageInfo.txt file.

Scripts aren't too hard to write, look at the existing scripts for samples, and an upcoming article on CodeProject.

For information on how to set up and run the Add-In, view the Readme.txt file in the binary or source zip files, as well as important information about certain code bits.

July 9th 2003 - Launch of the VSEDebug Website.  Enjoy:)